Bartending 101: Learn from The Pros 


Eden Mobile Bars is offering you the chance to learn about the basics and the skills of bartending in a short, fun, and indulging course.

The course will be given by our bar manager, JP Haddad.
He has been in the bar industry for over 12 years now and worked as a bar and operations manager in many different outlets, including:

  • Discetto Nightlife Venue at The Bodrum Edition hotel – Turkey
  • Cairo Jazz Club – Egypt
  • Beetlejuice – Gokceada – Turkey
  • Eden Cocktail bar – Badaro, Lebanon
  • Orchid Beach Resort – Jiye, Lebanon
  • Sins bar – Gemmayze, Lebanon
  • Cantaloupe – Amman, Jordan
  • The SmallVille Hotel – Beirut, Lebanon
  • Tavolino – Tyr, Lebanon
  • Martin Pecheur – Batroun, Lebanon

We will train you one-on-one in all the major disciplines and techniques to help you become a professional bartender, and give you the chance to work with us in upcoming events.

This course runs for three weeks and is open to anyone interested regardless of experience and skill. The course includes:

  1. Role and Responsibilities of a Bartender
  2. Pouring and Mixing Techniques
  3. Hygiene and sanitation in the bar
  4. Garnish and Serving Techniques
  5. Glassware, Bar Tools and Equipment
  6. Alcohol Production
  7. Spirits Knowledge
  8. Cocktail Families and Recipes
  9. Mixology 101

Get in touch for our latest training schedule.